NEC Enterprise ACD Solutions

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We’re excited to tell you about the latest features added to NEC’s ACD Solutions and how it can improve your organization. 

Why ACD?

UC Automatic Call Distribution (UC ACD) processes all incoming calls
and routes them to designated agents by employing user-defined call
handling instructions (i.e. based on time of day, the line with longest idle
time, the inbound line used). UC ACD call routing is designed to get each
caller to the most appropriate agent to handle their call in the shortest
time possible.

Network ACD Features:

  • MultiNode to support up to 50 nodes/sites with real-time viewing and historical reporting and also interflows calls between sites
  • Routes the caller to an available agent faster, easier and more efficiently
  • Maximizes the use of resources across up to 50 site locations
  • Provides consistency of operation and management with feature transparency across all platforms


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