NEC UM8700 Overview Webinar

Download the NEC UM8700 Overview Webinar:

We’re excited to tell you about the latest features added to NEC’s UM8700 and how it can improve your organization.

Why UM8700?

  • Powerful suite of unified communications applications
  • Increases efficiency through user and business productivity-enhancing tools
  • Offers a native mobile application for Android™ and iPhone® mobile devices
  • Integrates seamlessly with current systems
  • Delivers continuous high availability and disaster recovery
  • Works on either a distributed, centralized or mixed environment infrastructure
  • Works in a virtualized environment 
  • Offers deployment flexibility 
  • Scales to fit a growing business’s needs

This Powerful Suite Includes:

  • Advanced call processing 
  • Voice mail 
  • Unified messaging 
  • Personal assistant 
  • Fax 
  • Speech 
  • Notification


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